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Understand the 5 drug schedules in California

In California, and in most states, the consequences for drug crimes vary depending on the type of crime committed and the schedule of drug involved. The five drug schedules are outlined as follows:

  1. Schedule I drugs are the most dangerous and heavily protected. These include heroin, certain opiates and marijuana. Although marijuana has been legalized for some recreational use, it is still illegal to possess large quantiles of the drug.
  2. Schedule II drugs include cocaine, methamphetamine and morphine.
  3. Schedule III drugs include benzphetamine, clortermine and certain depressants.
  4. Schedule IV drugs include barbital, chloral hydrate and methohexital.
  5. Schedule V drugs include prescription drugs like cough suppressants.

If you are caught with an illegal quantity of drugs of any schedule, you will need a defense attorney on your side ASAP. Reach out to attorney Lengyel-Leahu as soon as possible to start building your defense.